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FINOS Legend Studio Shared instance

Legend provides an end-to-end data platform experience covering the full data lifecycle. It encompasses the Legend-Pure language and a suite of data management and governance tools known as the Legend Platform, which allows engineers and non-engineers alike to describe, connect, visualize, and query high-quality data.

Learn more about Legend at

Shared Public Instance of Legend Studio#

FINOS hosts a shared instance of Legend Studio at The shared instance of Legend Studio is provided free-of-charge and as-is. It is primarily intended to be used for shared modeling efforts conducted by FINOS members and other non-member community participants as part of FINOS hosted projects or initiatives.

Learn about the projects that are currently leveraging the shared instance of Legend Studio in the "modeling initiatives" section of the FINOS Landscape. The shared instance was also used by participants in the FINOS Legend Studio pilot (April-September 2020).

Anyone is welcome to request an account on the shared instance. Requests for accounts will be fulfilled based on FINOS staff availability as well as the rationale stated below for wanting an account and/or any connection between a request and the work of an ongoing FINOS project. Additional consideration will be also given to account requests from FINOS members.

Default project configuration and permissions#

Legend models developed on the FINOS hosted shared instance of Legend Studio, are open source and available at Every project on the FINOS hosted instance of Legend Studio maps to a GitLab project within the group.

Configuration. All projects in the group are subject to the following configuration:

  • master branches are protected from direct commits, only Merge Requests are allowed
  • Merge Requests must be approved by at least one project Code Owner

Access, roles and permissions. Anyone interested can request access to the shared instance of Legend Studio by filling out the form at Access to the shared instance of Legend Studio will be associated to one of the following roles and permission levels:

  • Reporter: is the default permission level provided to anyone requesting an account on the shared instance of Legend Studio. Users with reporter access can read Legend workspaces across all FINOS hosted models.
  • Developer: users with developer access can create Legend workspaces and submit changes across all FINOS hosted models. A prerequisite to get developer access is to have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) in place with FINOS.
  • Maintainer: users with maintainer access can review merge requests and merge changes. A prerequisite to get maintainer access is to have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) in place with FINOS. Maintainers are elected according to the steps set out in the FINOS Governance

Maintainers can be:

  • Legend Maintainers: they lead the Legend project and have Maintainer access across all models
  • FINOS Modeling Project Maintainers: they lead one specific project in FINOS, which includes Legend modeling initiatives; they are granted Maintainer roles across all the modeling initiatives within that FINOS project
  • Model Maintainers: they lead one specific modeling initiative, as part of a FINOS project


Legend was originally developed by Goldman Sachs and contributed to FINOS in October 2020. See the October 2020 Open Sourcing Press Release, and coverage in Business Insider "Code for Goldman Sachs' internal data platform is now open for anyone to use", and Bloomberg "Goldman Sachs Open Sources its Data Modeling Platform through FINOS".