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Project Team

The ODP Project team is tasked with supporting the community on how to access and use FINOS infrastructure, providing feedback to the FINOS team as a way to improve tools, processes and automation; tasks are managed using a prioritized backlog.

The ODP Project was approved by the FINOS Board on 21 June 2018.

Team members#

The team is composed by FINOS staff, bank institutions and software vendors, who help FINOS team to prioritize, validate, test and evangelize ODP features across FINOS community. Although ODP benefits from occasional contributions, below are the individuals who have supported this activity constantly for the last years.

ODP Mailing-list#

You can subscribe to to get updates from the team.

On-demand meetings#

ODP meetings can be setup on demand by accessing to:

  • Discuss any ongoing project contributions (reminder that you can submit a new contribution on
  • Ask questions about ODP and/or propose changes and improvements for hosted projects

Past Meeting minutes#

Prior to December 2020, the ODP team used to meet bi-weekly; you can find meeting minutes history on: